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Dr. Saavik Ford

K. E. Saavik Ford (she/her) is a theoretical astrophysicist working primarily on active galactic nuclei (AGN), gravitational waves (GW), and improving diversity, equity, & inclusion in astronomy & astrophysics.

Current Research Projects

New NASA Mission will Study Ultraviolet Sky, Stars, Stellar Explosions

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Graham et al_edited.jpg

Time Domain Analysis of AGN

Modeling N-body Dynamics

Secunda et al_edited_edited.jpg
Fabj et al. 2020.png

Analytic Models of Disk Capture

Hydrodynamic Modeling of Disk Torques

Mejia et al_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Cook et al_edited_edited.jpg

Stars, Supernovae, and TDEs in AGN Disks

Monte-Carlo Models of Binary Mergers in AGN Disks

McKernan et al_edited.jpg
Ford et al. 2014.png

Observations of AGN at High Contrast

Gravitational Waves & Multi-Messenger Astrophysics

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